Friday, April 26, 2013

bustlin' around beijing

hey loves!

so this week i went to beijing and i'm happy to report that: 1- i did not almost get deported. 2- i got a chance to climb the great wall. 3- i had the time of my life. 
so basically, it was everything that shanghai was not, lol. and although i loved shanghai, in my opinion, beijing is a much better city. i loved the atmosphere of the city- it lacked the pretentiousness of shanghai, and the historical landmarks are really beautiful.

i planned on doing this trip with a friend of mine, who couldn't come at the last moment *le sigh* solo travelling has it's ups and downs- one of the reasons i like being alone when i travel is the ability to stay as long (or short) as you want at a particular location. i like to wander around the city and get lost. some of the BEST discoveries i have made in china, were by accident. the thing about travelling solo is you have to hope someone is nice enough to take your photo. i shot most of these pics, except the one's i'm in.

the train station stop on the number 4 line
Tiananmen Square
inside the Forbidden City, temple of Empress Dowager
the ceiling of the Temple... a pure gold dragon in the center

inside the Forbidden City 
last minute Great Wall travel buddies! Sophie & Yan

sitting on the Great Wall of China.

View of The Great Wall from Tower 3. the climb was HARD

scorpions on a stick. Wangfujing snack street. Yummy?

Lama Temple entrance

goddess of love

chinese lion. protector of the temple

Temple of Heaven... Amazing sight!

the BEST dessert in China. mango custard
Peking Duck. Beijing Speciality

Yukey and I. She is the woman who is responsible for my job in China. I adore her!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

the tale of the frozen wonton


i hope you are warmer than i am right now. in fact, unless you are living in siberia or antarctica, i know you are. that is because the heat to my apartment has been cut off for "spring". i am now sitting in my room with 1 wife beater, 2 long sleeve shirts, long johns and a hoodie. IN THE HOUSE. it has to be about 40-50 degrees outside (i don't know the damn celsius conversion) and building management has decided that it is spring no heat. i get it, heat cost money. in fact, before i came to china, i had the pleasure of paying a heating bill so high i would forget, and think i paid the rent. but no- gas, coal, oil, unicorn fumes- they all are expensive and whatever is heating this building is probably costing my school it's weight in gold to pay. especially since they acquired my ass because i keep that shit blasting. I HATE BEING COLD. no. i do. i really get angry- like fighting mad when it is so cold in my house that i can see my own breath 0_0. china is frugal and my pockets understand the logic, but my frost bitten toes do not.
this is me in a few hours.
see, what they fail to realize is what is easy on them financially is very difficult for me to agree with personally. i believe that just because it is april, does not mean it is spring. if you still have to wear a hat outside- it is winter and the heat should stay on. now my ass is thinking of ingenious ways to heat my apartment before i turn into a life size chocolate igloo. i asked my coordinator for a space heater in the mean time because i do not- i repeat do. not. like being cold. he said he would get back to me tomorrow. in chinese terms that means ( i will not guarantee that your request will be granted, but if it is, it is because you will need to remind me again tomorrow) see- i may not speak chinese, but i do speak bullshit and that is what i call on this here foolishness.

i suppose i can go out and buy one myself, but if i get it from the school i can be sure that it will work. china has no "product label guarantee  on anything you buy. if you are unlucky to get a dud of a space heater- well then you are just a cold unlucky foreigner with less money in your pocket and i refuse to spend a nickel on something that won't function in desperate situations like these. thank the lord i have tons of coffee and hot water to drink. which is terrible because coffee will keep me awake and the last thing i want to do is be awake for this. oy vey! at this point, i am ready to put an ad out in the personals for a cuddle buddy- JUST a cuddle buddy, so if you know any fat ladies in china, friendly pets in china, or a huge ass stuffed animal i can buy in china- point them in my direction!