Wednesday, January 23, 2013

food from America will make her dance!

So, my care package came today in the mail (after a good long wait) and I know the Customs Officials had to crack up when they looked in the box because, all I have in there is food that hugs my inner fat kid...yes, it was and is that serious LOL :-)
Cookies, candy, crackers, chips, peanut butter & jelly, chocolate and not to mention all the damn hot cocoa a girl could dream of! You never know how much your favorite snack means to you till you reach for it- and it's not there.
I plan on controlling myself and not eating everything in sight but Lord knows I really wanna do this:
It's about to go down!
It is funny how withdrawal works- you arrive in _____ (insert foreign country) and you have no access to any of the foods you crave. You start to think about it during class or at work, you fume silently when your friends brag about cooking steak dinners or post almost sinfully good photos of chocolate cake and ice cream. You get irritable and you curse...well maybe not you, but me- I curse. Because back home, the only think I had to do was go downstairs or to the store and get whatever I wanted but in the Middle Kingdom- there is only a KFC a bus ride away to soothe my American appetite and the imported goods at the supermarket are SO expensive...I am talking 10 dollars (10 AMERICAN DOLLARS) for a box of cereal...Cereal that may have been sitting on the shelf as long as I have been alive and 20 dollars for coffee. *cries*
So what is a foodie to do?! Simple- I begged my mom for a care package...and thank God I can now indulge in my gluttony until the food runs that time, I will call my dearest friends to send me more food.


  1. Lmaoooo hi sis!!! Totally loving your blog!!...btw mommy and I will begin putting together another care package filled with yummy things for you right away lol_!!!

  2. Hi boop <3
    lol you can save that package and send it when i get back from my trip. trust n believe I will MURDER it lol

  3. A fat kid fantasy for sure. I'll try to remember that you like hot cocoa. I was hoping you'd reveal your favorite cereal.......


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