Wednesday, January 23, 2013 of one (a rant)

ok so i started this blog to detail my journey and my experiences while in China. overall, i am a very private person and i have trouble speaking about personal things unless i have formed a really good friendship with you. this blog is about China stuff not Darcy stuff (if that makes sense) anywho... 

that being said...this post will be a rant. a fucking rant. a rant about China and Darcy stuff- because right now i am hurt and frustrated and the only person available to listen to me, is my trusty laptop Jose (yes i name my what lol) anyway, i am mad- Chinese New Year is coming up in 2 weeks. it is the most important and busiest time in China. everyone and their grandma is going to be travelling and getting crunk for the holiday...where am i amongst this crunknest?! well see that is the problem- i don't know! 

i am adventurous, obviously,  i had little to no problem picking up my life and travelling around the world for almost a year, so spending a month exploring the country i chose to come to is not a problem. what is a problem is the lack of guidance and support i am getting from everyone around me. let me start off by saying this: i am not a baby- i didn't come to China to have someone hold my hand and wipe my nose. i know that i have to depend on myself to get shit done BUT, i at least expect support from those who are hired to look after seriously -_- 

problem one- where the hell am i gonna spend Chinese New Year?! 
the entire population is moving and i feel like i have fallen and can't get up... i want to go all over but i realize trains, buses, planes and the like are going to be crowed, expensive and overall a tough experience. i get that- but all i am asking is for my coordinator to spend less time kissing her BF and more time listening to my questions. i am not asking for you to loan me money woman! i am asking for her to give me a city she things is worthy to be visited and a general overview on how to get there. 

problem two- time is NOT on my side. 
i had been told about Chinese New Year affects my stay on my campus earlier, i would have planned beforehand. now, i am on blogs, websites, personal ads like a mad woman searching for things to do and how to guides so that i don't end up laying in my own self pity for a month. keep in mind that this is freaking CHINA most of my problems come from the language barrier and the lack of resources on my behalf to book a lot of these things on my own (hotel, flight, train tickets)

problem three- the loneliness. so... i'll admit it is incredibly lonely to be so far away from everything you know and love. don't get me wrong... i enjoy my own company. i love being by myself most of the time...but not all of the time. travelling around China would be fun if i had another person to share in the excitement and craziness of it all....

sigh, ok.... this rant is done. i'm going to put on my big girl pants and figure out my China travel strategy and when it is all over.. guess who I will thank- the gods of google, my sense of humor, and of course, the bottle of brandy i got from the supermarket- because together us three are going to plan out the best Chinese New Year's trip this side of the pacific ocean...stay tuned! 

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  1. Lol. I'm glad you had Jose and Brandy....smh. I can only imagine the extent of stress that would have been upon you without them.


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