Sunday, January 20, 2013

merry christmas, happy new year

so today i am writing.... i am forcing myself to type words on a page and be dedicated to this.
i want to share my experiences but i have always been a very private person (go figure)
it's 2013 and i am going to commit to writing one post a week min. did i celebrate my christmas? good question, because christmas here is very different than the one i have come to know in america. here it's another day. i worked and got beautifully wrapped fruit gifts from my kids. and, just when I had resigned my self to a night of netflix and foreign relations coordinator and boss invited me to dinner. at dinner, i got my 1st paycheck :-D and won a beautiful porcelain tea set see below:

pretty awesome and i can't wait to take it back to the us and have  a real fancy tea party lol.

NYE was an adventure...again with no definite plans and a last minute invite to shanghai (like 8hrs) i was determined to find someplace great to ring in 2013 and another opportunity to live out my dream. that is where the gods of google became my personal outlet and i combed through blogs, websites and personal ads until i stumbled upon a hidden gem: hudson's bar in rizhao china. the bar had PIZZA...after a month of eating nothing i really could identify or sounded like a utopia of goodness and dammit- i had my coordinator Frances write down the address for me in chinese and took a taxi there. armed with street smarts and 300RMB i made my way across town and into my now go to spot (i don't give a damn how expensive it is)
hudson's was quiet. a little old man sat in the corner smoking a pipe..i would discover later that is john, the owner. he is in his 60's married to a little chinese lady and from australia..- in china you can smoke anywhere. i mean grocery stores, funerals, gas stations.. ok, maybe not the gas station but you get my point. i made my way to a table in the back and ordered a margarita- YES a jose cuvero margarita. just when i thought that margarita would be the extend of my night- in walks 7 foreigners and they were speaking...ENGLISH. praise the lord. i smiled..they smiled and before you know it- shots were being taken and pictures snapped. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..happy freaking new year. i met 2 great girls i hope to hang out with in the near future.

up next.... learning how to use my chinese cooktop to make a semi american meal. stay tuned!


  1. Love ur blog sis. So proud of u. Glad u are getting to experience all these new things in ur life which u deserve. Keep them coming. I love u

  2. I am sooo jealous! You had pizza AND a margarita?! How unfair is that, lol. On a less selfish note, I'm really glad you enjoyed your New Year...hope you had fun for me as well. ;-)

  3. P.S.-I definitely have to second Sugeily's sentiment. I'm super duper proud of you...big thangs poppin! Reading your blog has motivated me to make sure I get mine up and running when I return (it's pointless to try here bc the connection sucks so badly, lol). Thanks pooks!

  4. So eventful, I can only imagine your excite in finding pizza and margaritas. The culture sounds so amazing.


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